How much I charge

I charge £16 an hour – that’s a flat rate for any work that I do

I don’t miss-sell by setting outlandish prices for small jobs, everything I do is timed to the minute. When I work for you, I only work for you when my timer is on.

I can give breakdowns of how much each job took, and where the time was spent. I can also give you quotes on how much the work will cost. This way, I will only do the work you want me to inside the budget you have set.

As I charge by the hour, I am willing to take on small, one-off jobs. If you want a few words for a newsletter, give me the the raw text and I will knock it into something enticing and concise in no time at all. I am also very flexible. If you call with an urgent job, I can stop non-essential work and focus on your task.

I charge £50 a year for web hosting that includes website support. Due to the amount of items I have printed each year, I can get very good deals on printed material. I can then pass these savings on to my clients rather than placing a premium on print jobs.


Business Cards
Press releases
Posters, flyers, menus etc