June 14, 2017

Ecommerce website sees increased sales

It’s not often people contact you and say ‘thanks for what you did to my business, everything is going great’.

Such is the pattern today, that people only get it touch when something goes wrong.

Which is why I was so pleased when Zoe, from The Smock Shop, sent me an email out of the blue regarding her ecommerce website.

Her email read:


From: Zoe Payne <thesmockshop@btconnect.com>

Date: Saturday, 10 June 2017 at 10:13

To: Nigel Pengelly <nigelpengelly@googlemail.com>

Subject: Website

Hi Nigel.

Just thought you might like to know our mail order sales are up 100% on first three months from last year.

The power of a decent website.




Her website at: http://thesmockshop.com/ was a delight to make, and I was really pleased with the end product. I did a fair amount of work on the search engine optimisation and now if you type in ‘cornish smock’ – it’s right there at the top.

So thank you Zoe, I’m glad I’ve got a happy client…

Increased revenue from an ecommerce website by Nigel Pengelly Nigel Pengelly The Media Runner