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Love it or loath it, tech is here to stay. With so many eyes glued to screens, the internet offers a wonderful opportunity to reach out to your audience; to inform, excite and inspire. If you’ve got a brand and a business, you’ll need have a website. The next stage is digital marketing to get your website out there and build lasting relationships with a new and growing customer-base. I can set you up with the processes and systems to set you off on your marketing journey.

SEO and marketing Nigel Pengelly The Media Runner

Driving traffic to your website

SEO (search engine optimisation) helps you get found on the web.
Faster websites mean better rankings with search engines like Google. I will help your website the get noticed by search engines.
I can help with meta tags, alt tags keywords, page descriptions, sitemaps and links to social media, ensuring that. If you want to go higher in the search engines, I can help with paid options including Google Adwords.

Help that will get you noticed

Driving traffic to your website is now made easier, thanks to The Media Runner; a leading digital marketing and website, in Penzance. I offer reliable and affordable solutions for online success. The Media Runner is renowned for as a website design company in Penzance that brings innovative designs to improve your brand awareness.
I use proven techniques to design your website in a quick and robust fashion. We will strive to enhance your online business presence by providing web design service in Penzance with innovative and creative designs. We will add value to your website through our local web design service in Penzance.

Choosing your domain name

Your domain is your web address and usually reflects what your business is called, and is what people type into their website browser to visit your website.
I can help you search for a domain, give advice on what names to choose and help you register a domain name. I currently manage more than 200 domain names.

Email addresses

You can have as many email addresses as you want with my hosting, and store as many emails as you like.
An email address with your domain sounds professional ( sounds far better than
I will help you set up your email address on your home computer (I can even come to your home), your ‘phone or your tablet.

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