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SSL Certificates

All my websites come with a self-renewing SSL certificate. (rather than an annual £49.99 bill most hosting companies offer). An SSL certificate proves to search engines that your website is safe and secure to visit. Today it is mandatory for every website to have an SSL certificate, and websites without an SSL are marked as ‘Not Secure’ to visit. Look to the left of your web address bar, there should be a closed padlock that when hovered on reads ‘Connection is Secure’ – that is your SSL.


SEO (search engine optimisation) helps you get found on the web. Faster websites mean better rankings with search engines like Google. I will help your website the get noticed by search engines. I can help with meta tags, alt tags keywords, page descriptions, sitemaps and links to social media, ensuring that. If you want to go higher in the search engines, I can help with paid options including Google Adwords.


We use WordPress as a CMS (content management system) allowing you to login to your website and easily edit and manage the pages. You can change, remove and add text, images, videos and much more! You will receive training from us on how to update your website, change text, update prices  and insert new pictures.

Choosing your domain name

Your domain is your web address and usually reflects what your business is called, and will people type into your browser bar to visit your website. This is the address people will visit your website at. I am happy to help you search for a domain, give advice on what names to choose and help you register a domain name. I currently manage more than 200 domain names.

Email addresses

You can have as many email addresses as you want with my hosting. An email address with your domain sounds professional; sounds far better than I will help you set up your email address on your home computer (I can even come to your home), your ‘phone or your tablet.